5 Popular International Tours among Indians

Excursion during vacations is enjoyed by a lot of people. While those on shorter vacation stick to local getaways, others on longer vacations take it as an advantage to explore international destinations. Keeping in mind the affordability and the exotic appeal of the destination, here are the 5 popular international tours loved by Indians.

1. Bali, Indonesia

Bali in Indonesia is one of the most popular holiday destinations. It is the dream destination of honeymoon couples. Hence, one can find numerous international tour packages for Bali. The city offers you a cocktail of culture and entertainment. The Kuta beach of Bali is the most famous beach and is known for its fun and party.

2. Bangkok & Pattaya, Thailand

Trips to Bangkok and Pattaya are the cheapest international holiday packages from India. Coral Island, Art in Paradise, Grand Palace and Wat Saket are one of the most popular tourist attractions of the two cities. However, besides side-seeing, the cities are great shopping destinations as well.
3. Singapore

Singapore justifies the saying, ‘The best things come in small packages’. A tiny yet soulful country offers you the celebration of life in its own way. The underwater world, Dolphin lagoon Singapore cruises etc., make the country one of the most loved holiday destination.

4. Malaysia

Lined by turquoise colored sea and stunning beaches, Malaysia is one of the most popular tourist destination in the southern Asian continent. A trip to Elephant Sanctuary, dinner along the beach, Chinatown Trishaw night tour etc., are the exciting activities offered by the country.

5. Dubai & Abu Dhabi , UAE

Dubai is the most famous city of UAE. With the advent of malls and skyscrapers, the city has emerged as a hot vacation destination. The city offers its visitors the adventurous desert safari as well as the sea surfing.

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